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3 Easy-To-Learn Blues Licks
In The Key Of A


Blues lead guitar playing is a great way to express yourself musically. Even if you are a beginner guitarist you can learn just a few simple lines and will be able to get a genuine blues sound from your instrument.

Here are 3 easy blues guitar licks to help you get started.

Note that all of the riffs below are in the key of A. This means that you will be able to play them with any blues tune in A.

1. Moving Up The A Blues Scale

With this run you are starting on the low E (or 6th) string at the 5th fret of your guitar. The notes on the E, A and D strings make up the A blues scale. Then you are extending this further by playing the flat 3rd (b3), 4th and flat 5th (b5) notes on the G (or 4th) string.

You can play this with a triplet feel (3 notes per beat), a straight feel or vary the rhythm completely. It's really up to you. The main thing is that you play along with a tune in this key signature and experiment with the notes. When you get comfortable with them you can vary them, which is what we'll do with the next riff.


2. Variation Of 1

Here you are using mostly the same notes but varying them slightly. You end on the Root note of the A blues scale except you end on the A that is played one octave higher than the Root note A that you started on.


3. Keeping It Low

Again start on the low E string and work your way up one octave to the 7th fret on the D string. This lick ends on the 5th fret of the G string which is the note C and is the b3 of the A blues scale.


The above guitar licks are three simple riffs that you can learn quickly and play around with to come up with your own lines. Find some blues guitar tracks in the key of A to play along with and let yourself get creative. Most importantly remember to have fun!

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