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G Progresssion

mp3: G Progression
wma: G Progression

Time/size: 6 mins 39 secs/9.3mb. 90 beats per minute/bpm

Rock backing track: G Progression is a chilled out tune that allows for plenty of space to solo over the chords.

Backing track instruments: electric guitar, fretless bass and drums.

Progression: The chord progression for this tune is another simple I, IV, V progression which is similar in structure to a standard blues progression. The chords used are G Major, C Major and D Major.

Suggestions: 'Explore the space!' Start off by playing the G Major pentatonic scale, written out below in both 4th and 9th positions, over the whole progression.

When you are just starting out to familiarize yourself with a backing track, it's a good idea to take it slowly and think about your note choices. What does each tone of the 5 note G Major pentatonic scale sound like over each chord in the progression? Try just playing the root note, G, over the entire progression and listening to how that note sounds over each chord. Then play the 2nd note, A, of the scale over the entire progression. Do this for all five notes from the scale.

Then play 2 note solos over the progression. The more you can hear the sounds and intervals you are using the better your ear will become which will help you greatly with improvisation.

Even if you are playing 1 or 2 note solos, you want to ensure that you are playing with a maximum amount of feel and rhythm. Feel and rhythm will turn into your groove and make your solos musical and meaningful.

Think about it, play it with feel, then forget about the theory and note choices and use your ear, heart and soul and see where the music will take you.

G Major Pentatonic Scale in 4th Position


G Major Pentatonic Scale in 9th Position


Jam on!

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